My Sunday Fun-day; A Peak Inside My Kitchen!

On a typical Sunday you can find me slaving away in the kitchen prepping for the week! When I say ‘slaving’ I mean that in the best way possible. I truly enjoy cooking!

Hi, from my mini apartment kitchen Be right back


I’ve streamlined my ritual on Sundays to help save time when the week begins! I know myself well enough to know that once Monday hits, I am in high speed and neither feel like nor have time to cook much. To avoid hitting the local fast food joint when I’m low on energy (a major trigger point for me) I make sure to have my goodies on hand and ready to eat! Open-mouthed smile

So. What are some of the things I cook, you may ask? I tend toward things that are functional, nutritious and can be used in a couple different ways… because boring food is just no fun!

Here is a list of things that I like to have on hand when Monday rolls around:

1. Source of Protein

Chicken or salmon are my go-to sources of protein. I like to have some made up fresh at the beginning of the week so I can add to salads or a grain dish. Protein is a very important part of everyone’s diet and you want to be sure you are getting complete sources of protein. Meats, fish and dairy are the three most common sources of complete proteins. Be sure to eat a little protein with each meal for better digestion!

Today I made a great “Fake-Fried Chicken” recipe. This chicken can be eaten by itself, added to a salad or added to a grain dish (like #4 below). TASTY!


2. Hard Boiled Eggs

These little guys come in handy when I’m on the go at work or after finishing a workout, before I’m ready for a big meal. Eggs are a complete source of protein and packed with nutrients. I’ll admit, finding the perfect way to cook eggs so they peel easily has been quite the challenge. I did find a great post here on how to do this the RIGHT way! It worked great.

3. Chopped up veggies

These make for a nice, light afternoon snack! Also, if I wish to pack a salad for lunch, all I will need to do in the morning is throw in the already-chopped veggies and mixed greens! Efficiency, my friends.Winking smile


4. Grain dish

This week was a nice mix of red and gold quinoa, brown rice and wild rice! Gluten-free, high in protein and a healthy source of slow-digesting carbohydrates (triple threat alert!). I added a little sea salt and pepper to taste. Another functional dish I can use as a side, or add my chicken for a full meal!


5. Smoothie supplies

Kale, spinach, bananas, mangos, almond milk, yogurt and whey protein powder are always stocked up for my morning, post-workout smoothie! Nutritious, delicious and smooooth. Hot smile

6. Healthy Snacks

What would life be without snacks? Peanut butter is a dangerous thing for me, yet it somehow sneaks its way into many of my snack foods. Angel Gosh darn it! These no bake energy bites from Gimme Some Oven are addicting, but oh-so good.


Adopting the Routine

I’ve been lucky to master this Sunday routine down to a science. How? Because I eat the same thing every week! Besides my grain dish and protein source, everything else stays static for the most part. This also makes for quick grocery trips!

Many people ask me if I get bored eating the same things. The answer is no. Simply because I’ve found what works, which foods make me feel best and which times are appropriate to eat them! I do throw in curveballs and switch it up, especially on the weekend. But during the week I prefer to stick to the basics.

Now this may be a little too routine for you, and believe me I get that. This is not normal behavior for most people. But adopting some sort of routine WILL help you get your nutrition under control. Even something as simple as packing your lunch more often or bringing healthy snacks to avoid hitting the drive-thru window, little things add up!

What little habits help keep your nutrition under control?

Do you have any favorite repeat recipes?

I can’t wait to hear in the comments below!


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